Viareggio, Italy July 12, 2012 – The Italian Design and Engineering Company, Axis Group Yacht Design announces the completion of the steel hull and aluminum superstructure of the Motoryacht 44m Green Voyager.   Designed by Horacio Bozzo and engineered by Axis Group Yacht Design, the construction is progressing well at the Kingship Shipyard in Zhongshan, China, where the shipyard recently launched the 42m Motoryacht "Star".   The hull is an advanced displacement type hull with a twin-curve vertical stem. His particular geometry diminishes  flow pressure disturbances on the forward shoulders of the underwater body, reducing wave-making resistance. Its particular bow shape with deep and narrow forward sections, also limits slamming in seaway and allows a soft passage through waves; it helps decreasing overall resistance, speed is increased and fuel efficiency is improved.   Green Voyager delivery is planned for 2013.