Our Edge

"Art lives from constrains and dies from freedom."
Leonardo Da Vinci

Horacio Bozzo heads up two studios, Horacio Bozzo Design and Axis Group Yacht Design, which specialize respectively in Design and Naval Architecture & Engineering with 27 years of experience.

Five reasons why your superyacht designer
should also be a naval architect:

A Naval Architect who is also a Designer will always propose a project that is unique and feasible no matter how challenging the client’s request. In other words, a Naval Architect-Designer is able to satisfy the desires and expectations of a client, with the assurance of buildability without having to rely on existing platforms.

A Naval Architect-Designer has intimate knowledge of the entire build process and can provide clients with answers to all their questions. During construction, there are decisions that need to be taken by the owner‘s team and our mission is to help them to choose the most efficient or appropriate solutions.

A naval architect is acutely aware that design must follow function. The aesthetics of a yacht are not an end in itself, but have to be combined with practical considerations of buildability and operation.

A naval architect-designer has the skillsets to help the owner get the most out of his investment. There are many examples of where making the right decisions at the right time – at no extra cost to the owner – can ensure that a project progresses on time and on budget, as well as increasing the resale value of the yacht.

A naval architect-designer has the competence to ensure a yacht is designed to the strictest safety standards, from stability and fire prevention to operational safety. In the course of our professional activities, naval architects are obliged to ensure that human life, the environment and property are properly safeguarded.

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